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We sincerely believe that the live should be filled with bright, delicious, and especial experiences. “Pirogi Vino I Gus” is not just a cafe where you can relax and rest from the bustle of the big city, it’s a place where interesting signature dishes and good wine are offered. In our cafe one can snuggle at the table near a picture window with a glass of refreshing Sauvignon, spend a cheerful evening with friends drinking fruit Chardonnay or celebrate birthday among the closed ones while enjoying citrus and floral flavour of Australian wine.

Chef Alexander Zhurkin is responsible for European cuisine rendered masterly in the cafe.

Anton Panasenko, sommelier of international category, is the author of the wine list.

Goose dishes are the main gracing feature of our menu. Confit goose leg pickled with aromatic mustard, sweet-scented rosemary and junipers are served with roasted lettuce and thick orange sauce. Moreover, thin dough pies at choice are the centrepiece of the menu, they taste exceptional and have unusual form.

Due to balanced and reasonable wine list one has an opportunity to choose a drink to each dish so that it emphasizes the taste and brings welcome pleasure.

Pirogi Vino I Gus” cafe represents comfortable atmosphere, delicious and qualitative dishes, wide choice of wines and a perfect place to meet and rest.


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10:00 AM AND 11:00 PM


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Daily between 10:00 and 23:00

23 Tsvetnoi bulvar, building 1, Moscow (one minute on foot from Tsvetnoy Bulvar Metro Station)

+7 (499) 272-09-22

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23 Tsvetnoi bulvar, building 1, Moscow (one minute on foot from Tsvetnoy Bulvar Metro Station)

+7 (499) 272-09-22

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